[Pulp-dev] pin pulpcore?

Matthias Dellweg dellweg at atix.de
Thu Jan 17 13:34:57 UTC 2019

Not sure, if this can help in beta phase:

We could introduce a version in the plugin-api path. So an
ancient plugin could `import pulpcore/plugin/v1` while a more recent
plugin could `import pulpcore/plugin/v2`.
That way multiple plugins can depend on different plugin-api versions,
and have a grace time to update to the new version.

Of course, pulpcore/plugin/v1 would have the responsibility to
counteract every breaking change of the new pulpcore version.
So, i would not support more than 2 versions at the same time.

Another way would be to release the plugin-api with a version in it's
name, so you can have both packages installed simultaneously. I think
this would look strange on the pypi side.

Thanks for bringing this up.

On Thu, 17 Jan 2019 14:05:48 +0100
Tatiana Tereshchenko <ttereshc at redhat.com> wrote:

> With more plugins going Beta and with frequent releases of pulpcore
> and pulpcore-plugin an issue with dependencies version showed up:
>  - plugin requires pulpcore-plugin == 0.1.0bX
>  - pulpcore-plugin 0.1.0bX requires pulpcore >= 3.0.0bY
>  - at some point pulpcore introduces backward incompatible changes
> and the newest pulpcore is incompatible with the old pulpcore-plugin.
> E.g. https://pulp.plan.io/issues/4317
> It would be less of a problem when pulpcore goes GA but till then it
> is not nice user experience.
> Options to solve the issue:
>  1. Pin pulpcore with every pulpcore-plugin release
>  2. Pin pulpcore directly in a plugin
>  3. Don't do anything, we are in Beta, it will be fine when pulpcore
> is GA, semver will keep us from introducing backward incompatible
> changes in the Y or Z releases.
>  4. anything else?
> As a side note, we already have an issue with having multiple plugins
> installed if they require different pulpcore-plugin versions, so
> pinning pulpcore wouldn't introduce a new problem.  Again this should
> be solved when we go GA, in my opinion.
> Any thoughts or concerns are welcome.
> Thank you,
> Tanya
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