[Pulp-dev] Breaking Changes and Travis Failures Communication Changes

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Thu Jul 11 19:42:33 UTC 2019

Based on recent feedback and discussion with the Pulp developers, we want
to collectively adopt two communication practices:

# Breaking Change Communication

* All breaking changes are advertised to pulp-dev using [breaking] brackets
in the subject
* A timeline of when the change is being applied needs to be communicated.
At a minimum it should be easy to know if the change has been applied or

# Travis-Not-Passing Communication

* If Travis is failing, code can't merge, so fixing it is a top-priority.
This is mostly indicated by the nightly test jobs not individual PR jobs.
* When beginning to fix a Travis-nightly-not-passing problem, please email
pulp-dev that you are starting on fixing it, and then again when it's
complete. Please include a link to the failing build also.

FYI, you can see the Travis jobs spread over the .com and .org Travis
environments. https://travis-ci.org/pulp/   https://travis-ci.com/pulp/

More process improvements are welcome. These are two of the ones we talked
about earlier today that we want to try.

All the best,
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