[Pulp-dev] RPM plugin meeting notes

Tatiana Tereshchenko ttereshc at redhat.com
Fri Jul 12 17:05:32 UTC 2019

Pulp 2:

   - Modularity dep solving
      - automatic module_default copy works!! but is buggy, *crashes* -
      under investigation
      - "too many packages/modules are copied" issue - clear what to do,
      just needs to be done
   - Multiple source/target repositories support for recursive copy
      - https://pulp.plan.io/issues/5067
      - for that we are adding multi-resource locking to the tasking system
         - https://pulp.plan.io/issues/5108
      - potential concern is resource utilization
      - need some katello input on sequence of calls for their workflows -
         - concern is to end up with N-2 idle workers for some time
         - AI: dkliban to work w/katello(partha) on
         - to consider: instrument 'waiting for available worker' state (%
         calls run into, amount of time spent waiting)
         - to consider: ask field engineering about customer workflows, to
         make sure we're testing those.

Pulp 3:

   - Modularity (ppicka)
   - modulemd models PR open
      - simple upload PR open
         - can be used to test the models PR
         -  few prerequisities for ansible installer are added
      - todo: temporarily install ubuntu package for libmodulemd in travis
            - to be able to test rpm plugin until containers work is done
            and we can use Fedora/Centos there
            - AI: dkliban to share relevant info with ppicka

   - Roadmap for RPM plugin
   - discussed LOE for major items
      - AI: ttereshc to put the discussed roadmap into the redmine
      - highlights:
         - prioritize tasks which might affect pulpcore, so we can change
         something before pulpcore goes GA, candidates:
         - kicktstarts
            - sync option to verify content (files are corrupted or removed
            from the FS, the DB is ok - there should be a way to fix it)
               - it's not RPM-specific, other plugins will benefit from it
               as well
               - AI: dkliban to write a story to start discussion
            - before we start working on applicability, ggainey will demo
         and share his experience with VMaaS

   - https://pulp.plan.io/issues/5092 Files are not deleted when deleting
      - not RPM-specific, core question
      - discussion is needed to figure out if any resource reservation is
      required for upload workflow, including the deletion of uploads.
      - the outcome of the discussion (whenever it happens) should be
      posted on the issue


   - Un-triaged bugs
   - Triage etherpad https://etherpad.net/p/rpm_triage_grooming
      - all triaged
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