[Pulp-dev] Namespacing one shot upload and copy endpoints

Ina Panova ipanova at redhat.com
Mon Jul 29 14:41:40 UTC 2019

Hi all,
As of today, plugins have the freedom to define whichever endpoints they
want ( to some extent).
This leads to the question - shall we namespace one-shot upload and copy
endpoints for some consistency?

POST /api/v3/content/rpm/packages/upload/
POST /api/v3/content/rpm/packages/copy/


POST /api/v3/content/rpm/upload/ type =package
POST /api/v3/content/rpm/copy/ type = [package, modulemd]

I wanted to bring this up, before it diverges a lot. For the record, I have
checked only RPM plugin, I am not aware of the state of the other plugins.
Right now we have an active endpoint for one-shot upload of rpm package:
POST /api/v3/content/rpm/upload/

And there is PR for one-shot upload of modulemd-defaults:
POST /api/v3/content/rpm/modulemd-defaults/

For rpm copy we have POST /api/v3/content/rpm/copy/ types=[]

We are starting some work on docker recursive copy, so it would be helpful
to reach some agreement before going further that path.

Thank you!

Ina Panova
Senior Software Engineer| Pulp| Red Hat Inc.

"Do not go where the path may lead,
 go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
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