[Pulp-dev] Non-source Installs are Broken

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Wed Jul 24 19:27:14 UTC 2019

tl;dr We need to release pulpcore and pulpcore-plugin RC4's asap (like

On July 15th djangorestframeowork released 3.10 which is incompatible with
pulpcore, so any install of RC3 after July 15th would fail to start. This
was unnoticed until today due to a Travis cron job not being configured,
and that has been remedied. We noticed it from the failure in Travis builds
like this one: https://travis-ci.org/pulp/ansible-pulp/jobs/563173633#L737
That is the error anyone trying to use RC3 in a non source install would

Pulp's source has a temporary-fix in place for this already
so the best option I can think of to fix this is to release it.

In order to unblock Travis merging high-prio installer changes, and to
unblock any user who wants to test an RC, I believe we should to release
RC4 asap. Our last release was Jun 28th, so we're roughly on the month
cadence still.

I hope to get some feedback from other devs here. I'm preparing the release
now as branches, and if there are no -1's by tomorrow morning EST I'll plan
to release.

Please give feedback, options/ideas, or concerns.

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