[Pulp-dev] Pulpcore RC3 Updates and Planning

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Fri Jun 14 15:57:49 UTC 2019

Next Thursday will be 1-month since the pulpcore and pulpcore-plugin rc2
releases, so it's time to start coordinating rc3. Please give feedback on
any aspect here that could be improved. Feedback and changes are welcome.

# rc3 timeline and blockers
I'm proposing June 24th as the rc3 release date. If there is some issue you
want to block pulpcore or pulpcore-plugin's rc3 release please add the
Redmine link onto this blockers etherpad:

# stable, committed migrations
Based on feedback with RC3 pulpcore and pulpcore-plugin will start
committing migrations and not modifying/rebasing them. We are asking plugin
writers to do the same. This will make consuming new release candidates
easier. It does not mean we are committing that a user could upgrade a RC
system to a GA system.

# release notes
If you want the rc3 release notes to reflect a piece of work that does not
have an entry in the CHANGES directory, you can still add them. Put your
entries in the CHANGES directory. This should be true of your core and also
plugins who have adopted the towncrier tooling for release notes.

# version in source
Users are becoming confused in the /status/ API about what bits they have
with source checkouts. To resolve this pulpcore and pulpcore-plugin will
contain the nextVersion.dev as its version going forward. So today we're
applying versions 3.0.0rc3.dev and 0.1.0rc3.dev to pulpcore and
pulpcore-plugin in source control respectively. We are asking plugin
writers to also adopt this approach. On release day we will will drop the
.dev, and then increment it to 3.0.0rc4.dev, etc.

# releasing rc3 compatible plugins
I don't believe rc3 has any breaking changes in the plugin API requiring
significant updates. For your users to use the RC3, you'll need to ensure
your plugin's setup.py will allow that newer version to be installer.
Please reach out on-list or on IRC if you want any help with this.

# exclusively importing from pulpcore.plugin
Please update your plugins to import from pulpcore.plugin exclusively. Any
import that imports from another package underneath pulpcore is not part of
the plugin API. For example imports 'from pulpcore.app.models import X'
should become 'from pulpcore.plugin.models import X'. this is important to
ensure we've got all the necessary objects plugins use available via the
plugin API.

# When is GA?
There are issues being discovered by Katello as they integrate against
Pulp3. These usability issues also affect general Pulp users. It's nothing
epic, but the changes do produce small backwards incompatible changes.
We'll have more confidence once there are no open Katello integration
blockers. You can see that list here:  https://tinyurl.com/y395d4gn

Also the migration tooling plan is coming along very nicely, but going to
GA requires that work to have progressed further also (I feel). GA-ing
Pulp3 and then realizing we can't migrate pulp2 content effectively into it
would be good to avoid.

Finally, the RPM plugin, the mainstay of Pulp2's usage, has a few
significant features to develop which could produce some not-insignificant
changes in core. One GA perspective is to wait on rpm to make those feature
and for katello to integrate those too to have full confidence Pulp3 is
ready for Katello. FWIW, those efforts are underway already.

# Feedback
Please send it any way you feel comfortable. If you feel we're not doing
something right please tell us!

Thank you,
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