[Pulp-dev] Mtg notes, Pulp3.0 GA/backlog discussions

Grant Gainey ggainey at redhat.com
Mon Jun 24 19:27:12 UTC 2019

Hey folks,

There was a discussion around Pulp3.0, deciding how to triage "must be in"
vs...otherwise, and dealing with the non-prioritized backlog.

You can find a braindump/minutes here :


The TL;DR that came out of the meeting was:
- Having a release-tag implies that an issue/task/story is *promised* for
that release. Therefore...
- Having the "3.0" tag means "it's a BLOCKER for 3.0 GA", and...
- Anything else is NOT currently assigned for the 3.0 release
- The 3.1 tag has been DELETED - since we're not promising anything for
3.1, until 3.0GA is put to bed.

The action items that came out of the mtg, include
- this email (hello!)
- bmbouter to work on some visualizations of issue-discovery-rate for
various stakeholders/plugins

Grant Gainey
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat System Management Engineering
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