[Pulp-dev] RPM plugin meeting notes

Tatiana Tereshchenko ttereshc at redhat.com
Thu Jun 27 20:11:14 UTC 2019

*June **2**7**, 2019*

Pulp 2:

   - Modularity dep solving
   - fixes are not in 2.20.0 for now
      - refactoring and future PR:
         - https://github.com/pulp/pulp_rpm/pull/1383
      - issue with dependencies being spread across multiple repos
      - discussion with Katello is planned this week

Pulp 3:

   - modularity testing
   - libmodulemd for ubuntu?
         - probably not worth time if a lot is required
         - temporary solution anyway
         - containers are weeks/month away
         - rpm plugin can wait few weeks
         - modularity support is not ready/merged yet

   - errata - "Pulp 3, same advisory - different pkglists" thread
   - no objections on the thread
         - potential concern around on_demand case, let's discuss a url
         change on a Remote
         - AI: ttereshc to write/update a story

   - url change on a Remote, on_demand
   - url should be changed for all content for that Remote
         - just new RemoteArtifact is created
         - RemoteArtifact has url field on it as well
         - why is it needed? one-time options like proxy settings should
            not respect this field anyway
               - likely pass-through case (pulp_maven) uses it
               - dkliban to find a case when url on RemoteArtifact is
                  - how to combine repos with on_demand policy?
         - not with url-change approach
         - use 2 Remotes
         - we need to document it, it's important for errata case discussed

   - depsolving
      - Refactors in Pulp2 have/will make it much easier to port to Pulp 3,
      a lot of code will be able to be shared

   - kickstarts in pulp 3
      - no progress
      - daviddavis might have some time next week
         - ttereshc to share all the collected info and suggested approach


   - Un-triaged bugs
   - Triage etherpad https://etherpad.net/p/rpm_triage_grooming
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