[Pulp-dev] Sprint 50 Planning Minutes

Robin Chan rchan at redhat.com
Fri Mar 8 22:47:23 UTC 2019

Some internal staffing/RH internal items have been removed.


*Action Items from last Sprint Planning*

   - rchan did not clear sprint candidate - won't do that until mtg after
   reach RC

   - Add ansible galaxy stakeholder to template

   - Need help with Docs day planning (post Pulp 3 RC freeze & release)

   - move stakeholders below sprint candidate

   - austin - write up concerns on upload & will decide about

   - ehelms 4189 - ping build team

   - ehelms pinged us, mike will look into


*Sprint Goals/Focus:*

   - Summit Prep (add to sprint Plans)

   - get ansible plugin ready for demo + prep other demos

   - Any Katello integration blockers (move to Sprint Plans - external)

   - Anything that stops them or severely impacts integration needs to be
      addressed above Core RC.

*Current sprint:*
Anything not moving forward?
4428 - remove
3808 - keep, looks good as is & david will work with katello
3972 - keep, will put back to new, add docs tag

*Sprint candidates:*
4189 - may add later.
4365 - not urgent. don't add now.
3473: need to add docs along with features - discuss during docs planning
4341 - docs tag added - discuss during docs planning
4494 - need RPM knowledge, QE has some knowledge to share on their solution
    add to sprint
4416 - no add
4125 - (this is a typo, not sure which issue was talked about here.)
4478 - add to sprint
4507 - add to sprint
Agreed upon plugin minimum staffing - miniteams can add plugin work for
this staffing:
  Ansible - 1/2 FTE
  RPM/Docker/Python - 1 FTE each

*Pending Items:*

   - Features that are in planning and anticipated to be ready to add
   before end of sprint.

   - N/A other than stories discussed before

*QE Focus:*
Issues related to Pulp 2 release, and assure that set of features that part
of pulpcore RC release is tested.

All on triage list.

*Action Items:*

   - rchan: new, assigned, post - move Monday morning or start of sprint

   - rchan: Clear Sprint Candidate https://pulp.plan.io/issues?query_id=26

   - rchan needs send out minutes

   - rchan: add ^ to template
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