[Pulp-dev] Sprint 50 Meeting Minutes

Robin Chan rchan at redhat.com
Fri Mar 29 21:10:48 UTC 2019


*Action Items from last Sprint Planning*

   - none (but note Sprint Candidate wil be clear after today's. Finally!)


*Sprint Goals/Focus:*

   - Openstack migration - move pulpbot & unit test runners outage during

*Current sprint:*
Anything not moving forward?
No issues discussed, no items will be excluded

*Sprint candidates:*
4365 - keep sprint candidate
4554 - do earlier, advertise on pulp list, 2.20.0
4572/4574 - we do this, but leave timing to plugins
3473 - not added now, not priority, austin will modify that this is
pulpcore, not plugin template
4416 - not high enough to add now, brian
4585 - (issue add during triage)
4558 - no notes take on this but wasn't added to sprint so Sprint candidate
tag removed

*Pending Items:*

   - Cert Guards (improve docs, initial release to PyPI, have tests run as
   part of core tests)

   - Maven Plugin single use case (dkliban & rchan discussed later, adding
   here for transparency)

*QE Focus:*

   - 2.19 Completion Apr 2

*Action Items:*

   - rchan: new, assigned, post - move Monday morning or start of sprint

   - rchan: Clear Sprint Candidate https://pulp.plan.io/issues?query_id=26

   - rchan: send out planning minutes

   - Sprint plans:

   - CertGuard

   - Migrations

   - remove galaxy (until tests complete this week)

   - add sprint goals to wiki

   - rchan: do we have future roadmap for FIPs compliance? set up mtg

   - Engage Build team on Django delivery for FIPs planning/estimate

   - rchan - let build team know about divergence of source containers

   - dkliban: ticket to document requirements for ci

   - 4558: bmbouter to shepherd through grooming and ready for adding to

   - rchan: follow up with dkliban - mavin plugin single use case added to
   sprint goals

Previous Sprint Planning minutes & template can be found
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