[Pulp-dev] uniqueness constraints within a repository version

Tatiana Tereshchenko ttereshc at redhat.com
Fri May 31 11:12:58 UTC 2019

A while ago RemoveDuplicates stage [0] was introduced to solve the problem
of enforcing uniqueness constraints within a repository version at sync
The same problem ought to be solved when content which already exists in
Pulp is added to a repository. E.g. Content was uploaded, or content was
synced as a part of other repo. And now you want to add/copy it to your

RPM plugin has to solve this problem (specific examples can be seen in this
issue [1]).
It would be great if other plugins can share if the same problem exists for
them and if it's valuable to add some mechanism to the pulpcore.

I believe, if you use RemoveDuplicates stage during sync, then your plugin
is impacted by the described problem.
My personal opinion: if RemoveDuplicates stage was worth adding to the
pulpcore (stages API in pulpcore-plugin), a mechanism to ensure uniqueness
constraints within a repo version at association time makes sense to add as

[1] https://pulp.plan.io/issues/4898
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