[Pulp-dev] Cherry pick process

David Davis daviddavis at redhat.com
Thu Nov 21 14:00:41 UTC 2019

On our scrum with Katello yesterday, they raised an issue that since they
are developing against our release branches, they need bug fixes to be
cherry picked to release branches asap. Currently this is up to release
leads, but we've seen this week that this is problematic as two of our
release leads have been out/unavailable.

One suggestion is to automate the cherry picking process. I think we could
develop a PR bot similar to the one Foretello uses[1] (see this PR[2] as an
example). I think the basic workflow for this bot would be:

- If a PR is created with no issue attached or [noissue], it would loudly
warn that no issue is attached
- If the PR has a redmine issue attached, it would:
  - Attach the PR to the redmine issue and set the status to POST[3]
  - Set the PR labels depending on the issue type. One of the labels would
be 'Needs Cherrypick' if the issue type is a bug. This label can be removed
before merge for things we don't want cherry picked.
- When any PR is merged with 'Needs Cherrypick', it could either
automatically open a cherrypick PR or actually do the cherrypick (falling
back to a PR if the merge fails due to conflicts).


[0] https://pulpproject.org/2019/11/04/pulp-3-GA-update/#cherry-picking
[1] https://github.com/theforeman/prprocessor
[2] https://github.com/Katello/katello/pull/8441
[3] https://pulp.plan.io/issues/4365

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