[Pulp-dev] SELinux for Pulp3

Brian Bouterse bmbouter at redhat.com
Fri Oct 4 19:28:22 UTC 2019

tl;dr Pulp3 will have an SELinux policy at GA, and Katello will use it. In
the future SELinux failures will require a functional test to demonstrate
the failure before the SELinux error can be fixed.

For Pulp3's use in Katello, SELinux is a requirement, so we need to provide
SELinux policies (for the 4 processes of Pulp) with the Dec 3rd planned GA
date. I want to share a plan to do that, and ask for feedback and concerns.

# Initial Policy Creation
I've reached out to the Red Hat SELinux team, and they have agreed to
produce the initial policies for Pulp3 on Fedora 30 by end of October.
They've provided a Fedora 30 box and we are to install Pulp3 on it with the
GA plugins pulp_rpm, pulp_docker, and pulp_file. Additionally this install
must be capable of running the functional tests which the SELinux team will
run over-and-over as they develop the policy.

They will deliver the policy here where it will be stored long term for all
OS's: https://github.com/pulp/pulp-selinux

# What about CentOS 7 and CentOS 8?
After the Fedora 30 policy is created, a CentOS 7 policy will also be
created and stored in the same repo. A CentOS 8 policy won't be created
until Katello is prepared to ship RPMs on CentOS 8.

# Delivery to Katello
The SELinux policy will be built into the Katello RPM packaging by the
Platform and Delivery team at Red Hat, led by @ehelms. That is the same
team building the Katello RPMs. These will only ship the CentOS 7 policy.

# Maintenance over time
The Pulp team will maintain the SELinux policy, with support from both the
Red Hat SELinux team and the community.

# SELinux Failures will Require a Functional Test
As SELinux failures are discovered over time, the policy will need to be
adjusted. To ensure the SELinux is straightforward I'm proposing a
functional test must be present to demonstrate the failure. This will both
increase functional test coverage, and allow the SELinux update to be

Please send feedback and concerns.

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