[Pulp-dev] [breaking] Redeploy your Environment

Brian Bouterse bmbouter at redhat.com
Thu Oct 17 17:32:41 UTC 2019

With 51395
pulpcore no longer has a hard-coded settings file, but the installer
maintains this functionality by keeping it's settings at
/etc/pulp/settings.py. This was part of https://pulp.plan.io/issues/5560

You'll see issues of it not finding the secrets, or a database
authentication issue where it can't find the settings in your environment

To fix, redeploy your environment. When you use the latest installer (or
the latest pulplift) and re-deploy it will configure Pulp in a way that
settings can still be delivered as they did before.

Sorry for the interruption. This is part of a larger piece of work to have
our settings overlay in a way that is useful to users and various

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