[Pulp-dev] CONTENT_HOST woes -- need input

Brian Bouterse bmbouter at redhat.com
Tue Oct 29 15:19:37 UTC 2019

A Distribution, e.g. FileDistribution
has a base_url (not base_path) which defaults to returning data with
"relative" urls, e.g. "/pulp/content/foo/..."   If you set the CONTENT_HOST
setting to "https://example.com:1234" then Pulp will return absolute URLs
e.g.   "https://example.com:1234/pulp/content/foo/..."

Concerns with what we have currently:

1. plugins like pulp_docker require this CONTENT_HOST to be set, but others
may not, so this setting could become a dividing line for plugins that want
it set versus those that don't.

2. Clients are semantically unsure how to handle responses for one Pulp
server versus another. This setting changes the client's responsibilities
(relative vs absolute URL handling).

3. Relative urls are not as usable as absolute urls.

# Option 1: Remove the setting and have plugins handle it
My concern with this option is that it's no easier to deal with

# Option 2: Keep the setting and make it a required (absolute URLs always)
Users would always have to be involved, but installer could get it right.
RPM packages could not though since they don't know about multi-machine

# Option 3: Option 2 + a default of FQDN
This would align with a default that serves Pulp publically to
non-localhost environments.

# Option 4: Option 2 + a default of FQDN
This would align with a default that serves Pulp via localhost only

# Any of the ^ options only consolidating CONTENT_PATH_PREFIX
Is this simpler?

What would best serve your plugin? What would best serve Pulp users?

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