[Pulp-dev] status of the ansible postgres role

Matthias Dellweg dellweg at atix.de
Tue Sep 3 12:27:40 UTC 2019

Hi all,
in the ansible-pulp role (that is meant to install pulp) we use a role
to install the postgresql db-server from galaxy named
Sadly the upstream version of this role is missing fedora30 support,
and the PR for this has not been merged for a long time.
This leads to ansible-pulp using a clone of this role, which is
hosted on github in a personal namespace and is missing debian10 support
This sounds to me like a kind of short term workaround, but it is in
place for almost half a year now.

I see several ways to move this forward:

1)Leave it as is, wait for upstream.
  pros: nothing to do (now)
  cons: no good debian support
2)Use upstream role and add fedora30 config like debian10 config [0]
  pros: no need to maintain a clone of the role
  cons: ugly workaround
3)Use upstream, and drop fedora30 support for now
  pros: no need to maintain a clone of the role
  cons: seems quite obvious?
4)Maintain a clone of the role in the pulp namespace with a team of
  pros: most flexibility, fedora30 & debian10 support
  cons: extra maintainance work

(The order is random, and the numbers are only for future references. I
do not want to express a personal preference this way.)


[0] https://github.com/pulp/pulplift/pull/45
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