[Pulp-dev] the "relative path" problem

Quirin Pamp pamp at atix.de
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I am not currently very well versed in the classes involved, but moving relative_path around sounds slightly scary with the potential to break things.

As such, I would be interested to be kept in the loop as this moves forward. (Mailing list once there is some movement is entirely sufficient 😉)


Quirin Pamp

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how about setting up a meeting and brainstorm the alternatives, pros/cons there?


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On Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 5:57 PM Daniel Alley <dalley at redhat.com<mailto:dalley at redhat.com>> wrote:
Bump, this item needs to move forwards soon.  Does anyone have any thoughts?

On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 9:40 AM Pavel Picka <ppicka at redhat.com<mailto:ppicka at redhat.com>> wrote:
I'd like to add one more question to this topic. Do you think it is a blocker for PRs [0] & [1] as by testing [2] this features I haven't run into real world example where two really same name packages appears.
I think this is a 'must have' feature but until we solve/decide it we can have two features working may with warning in docs for users that can happen in some 'special' repositories.

To follow topic directly I like proposed move to 'RepositoryContent' and add it to its uniqueness constraint (if I understand well).

[0] https://github.com/pulp/pulp_rpm/pull/1657
[1] https://github.com/pulp/pulp_rpm/pull/1642
[2] tested with centos 7, 8, opensuse and SLE repositories

On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 3:22 PM Daniel Alley <dalley at redhat.com<mailto:dalley at redhat.com>> wrote:
We'd like to start a discussion on the "relative path problem" identified recently.

Currently, a relative_path is tied to content in Pulp. This means that if a content unit exists in two places within a repository or across repositories, it has to be stored as two separate content units. This creates redundant data and potential confusion for users.

As a specific example, we need to support mirroring content in pulp_rpm<https://pulp.plan.io/issues/6353>. Currently, for each location at which a single package is stored, we’ll need to create a content unit. We could end up with several records representing a single package. Users may be confused about why they see multiple records for a package and they may have trouble for example deciding which content unit to copy.

Proposed Solution:

Move “relative_path” from its current location on ContentArtifact, to RepositoryContent. This will require a sizable data migration. It is possibly the case that in rare cases, repository versions may change slightly due to deduplication.

A repository-version-wide uniqueness constraint will be present on “relative_path”, independently of any other repository uniquness constraints (repo_key_fields) defined by the plugin writer.

Modify the Stages API so that the relative_path can be processed in the correct location – instead of “DeclarativeArtifact” it will likely need to go on “DeclarativeContent”

Remove “location_href” from the RPM Package content model – it was never a true part of the RPM (file) metadata, it is derived from the repository metadata. So storing it as a part of the Content unit doesn’t entirely make sense.


In most cases, a content unit will have a single relative path for a content unit. Creating a general solution to solve a one-off problem is usually not a good idea. As an alternative, we could look at another solution for mirroring content. One example might be to create a new object (e.g. RpmRepoMirrorContentMapping) that maps content to specific paths within a repo or repo version.


  *   How do we handle this in pulp_file? How are content units identified in pulp_file without relative_path?
     *   Checksum?
  *   How was this problem handled in Pulp 2?

Please weigh in if you have any input on potential problems with the proposal, potential alternate solutions, or other insights or questions!
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