[Pulp-dev] Export-by-repositoryversion : design thinking needed!

Grant Gainey ggainey at redhat.com
Mon Apr 27 19:15:38 UTC 2020

Discussions with Katello uncovered a use-case that we thought about briefly
in the initial design of import/export, and then put aside to get to
first-light. That issue is "must be able to export a specific set of
RepositoryVersions for the specified Repositories" (as opposed to "export
current-version always"). This is a large use case for katello's

In the design doc this is mentioned under 'Exporter' - the implication
being that if one wants this, one creates a new Exporter every time. This
is...not a great approach.

Exporter and Importer work at the Repository level. This is so that the
user can map upstream and downstream repositories once, at
Importer-create-time, and then reuse that Importer repeatedly. If an
Exporter is a single-use entity, as this approach would imply, it requires
the user to do that startup work every time.

A better (imho) approach is to allow a set of RepositoryVersions to be
specified at Export-creation time (by, say, providing a
repositories=[<href-list.] parameter to POST .../exports/) . The impact on
the Export process is minimal - where now it runs down the list of
Repositories in the Exporter and gets latest-version from each, it would
just take the provided list instead.

There is an extra validation step needed.  The provided
RepositoryVersions *MUST
*be *1-to-1* associated with the Repositories on the Exporter, or Import
isn't going to know what to do with them. (must be 1-to-1, but not
necessarily 'onto' - you may specify fewer RepositoryVersions than you have
Repositories, it just means the missed-Repositories aren't provided in the

There is an open question: How does this interact with incrementals and
last_export? Current implementation assumes that today's export is going to
be 'newer than' the last time an Exporter fired. and an incremental is the
difference, for a given Repository, between the RepoVersion in last_export
and today's state. Allowing export-by-specific-version might break that,
will need to do some POC work to convince myself one way or another.

I have a nagging feeling that we are still missing something about this use
case. I definitely need more viewpoints on this; can I get
comments/thoughts by COB 29-APR? This is pretty important to be flattened
to support katello's workflows.

Thanks for reading this far!
Grant Gainey
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat System Management Engineering
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