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On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 8:54 PM David Davis <daviddavis at redhat.com> wrote:

> We've been discussing the possibility of closing issues in redmine due to
> the overwhelming number of issues at NEW. Currently, we have 930 issues at
> NEW and I think that exceeds our capacity to address each issue
> individually.
> The first item I want to bring up for discussion is expanding the ability
> for users to reopen closed issues. Currently only authors can reopen issues
> at CLOSED excluding CLOSED - DUPLICATE and CLOSED - COMPLETE. Should we
> expand this to all redmine users?

+1 to expand it to all users.

> If we expand this permission, this should give us the ability to safely
> close out issues that fit some criteria. I looked at the pulpcore issues
> and limited the issues to just ones without a Katello tag or a BZ and that
> were created before 2020[0]. This still leaves us with almost 300 NEW
> issues in pulpcore which still seems unrealistic to go through. Any
> thoughts on what criteria to use?

We could also exclude issues that have Pulp2 tag.
Even if we end up having 300 issues to process, I know that sounds a lot,
but we can regularly dedicate 5 mins(timeboxed!) of our pulpcore team
meeting, or open floor to go through. For some issues it is enough to read
the title to make a decision.
I *think* this might be a feasible idea, look how many and good
improvements we did in redmine having it on the agenda for each open floor.

Alsom, what will be the state of the issues we are going to mass close -

> [0] It would be better to use updated at to scope issues but unfortunately
> a lot of older issues have been updated recently due to spam comment

> David
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