[Pulp-dev] github checklist as a part of the release process

Tatiana Tereshchenko ttereshc at redhat.com
Tue Aug 18 11:54:58 UTC 2020

I learned recently how Fedora CoreOS folks do their releases and I really
like their process.
I think something similar can be useful for Pulp. We already have ~15 steps
in our release guide
<https://pulp.plan.io/projects/pulp/wiki/Pulp3_Release_Guide> and it's
without some pre/post-release steps, like release announcement
collaboration, writing blog posts, etc.

The idea is simple.
Have a checklist template (for each type of release if needed).
Create a github issue with this checklist and mark it as you perform the
In addition post any relevant links as comments.
Here is the example

 - release progress is open and transparent to everyone, including our
 - it's easy to look at the history if needed
 - release "guide" is always up to date
 - if one started a release and can't finish for some reason (e.g. end of
working day in their time zone), another one can take over
 - keeps a release person more organized (those who released many times
sometimes perform steps by memory and might forget some small steps; often
people multitask and do something while waiting for the builds to be done.
Our release guide serves the same purpose but one needs to consciously go
back to it, here it requires you to click the checkbox.)

  - a potential downside is that it's one more action to do and a new
process to follow. Though it should be very close to the release guide, so
I hope it does not add much to our processes, it should not feel like
something new :)


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