[Pulp-dev] Raising the pulpcore requirement for plugins

Fabricio Aguiar fabricio.aguiar at redhat.com
Mon Dec 14 14:07:34 UTC 2020


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On Tue, Nov 3, 2020 at 12:42 PM Matthias Dellweg <mdellweg at redhat.com>

> When discussing this recently, there was another case we ran into: Suppose
> you add a patch to a plugin, that requires an (already merged, but) not yet
> released change to pulpcore, then you cannot bump the version requirement
> to the next pulpcore version right away. So the result of the discussion
> now sounds like this:
> 1) plugins on their main branch depend on pulpcore only with a lower
> bound. The upper bound is only available on the very commit that will be
> tagged for the release, and that will adhere to the deprecation policy (as
> in "<3.y+2").
> 2) the pulpcores dependencies lower bound should reflect the actual
> requirement at all times. That means the plugin should bump this lower
> bound whenever it introduces a change that needs a bump in the pulpcore
> version.
>   2.1 If the needed pulpcore version is released, pick that one.
>   2.2 If the needed pulpcore version is not released (but the change being
> merged will land in the next y-Release), require the current development
> version of pulpcore (e.g. >=3.8.0.dev)
> 3) Upon releasing the plugin, do not touch the lower bound of the required
> pulpcore version if it is pointing to a released version.
>   3.1 If it is pointing to a development version bump it to the
> corresponding release (e.g. ">=3.8.0.dev" -> ">=3.8.0")
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