[Pulp-dev] pulp_deb plugin maintenance meeting

Quirin Pamp pamp at atix.de
Fri Jul 24 06:40:15 UTC 2020

Since most of the core people I would like to see there have indicated to me that 14:00 o'clock CEST would work for them, I think the time is fixed now.

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I would like to participate. Can we move the meeting time to 14:00 o'clock CEST ?

On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 10:11 AM Quirin Pamp <pamp at atix.de<mailto:pamp at atix.de>> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I would like to propose a meeting on handling pulp_deb plugin maintenance.

I will contact several people individually, that I think should be there, but I also wanted to announce on the mailing list in case anyone is interested who is not on my radar.

I propose Monday, July 27th, 13:00 o'clock CET as a preliminary date, but this will likely still change, since I have not yet checked with anyone's schedule.

Feel free to propose a different time, or amend the Agenda here:

[1] https://hackmd.io/kGjFFGtWTJSGuIDlVlgqZw

Quirin Pamp

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