[Pulp-dev] Fwd: Status of pulp-python

Christoph Höger christoph.hoeger at celeraone.com
Tue May 5 08:18:00 UTC 2020

Dear all,

I am currently in the process of investigating the usage of pulp for our
company's repository management and think I can fulfill all the
requirements except for a pypi mirror. While this is exactly what
pulp-python seems to provides it has a showstopper bug:


which appears to be the same as:


I assume that I could get one of our python guys working on the matter, if
I can refer them to a) someone to talk to about the project and b) get some
assurance that this plugin is not dead already.

So do you know what the status of pulp-python is? Is it just not very high
on the priorities or is it already more or less abandoned? I am asking
this, because pulpcore and some other plugins seem to have a relatively
fast pace. If pulp-python is abandoned we might just go on with deb/rpm
support and use something else to mirror pypi.

thank you very much,


Christoph Höger

Email: christoph.hoeger at celeraone.com <moritz.hilger at celeraone.com>
Web: www.celeraone.com
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