[Pulp-dev] Pulp 3 CLI MVP

Mike McCune mmccune at redhat.com
Wed May 6 18:15:39 UTC 2020

On 5/6/20 10:57 AM, Dennis Kliban wrote:
> On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 12:30 PM David Davis <daviddavis at redhat.com 
> <mailto:daviddavis at redhat.com>> wrote:
>     Matthias and I met today to go over some plans for a prototype. I
>     wrote some notes[0] down. As part of the prototype, we'd propose two
>     deliverables (one this week and one next week):
>     1. A set of ~2-3 click commands that use the bindings to interact
>     with Pulp
>     2. Some openapi-generator templates that will be able to generate
>     such commands from the schema
>     There is a question we had about how the commands for typed
>     resources will be structured in the CLI. To illustrate with two
>     endpoints:
> We should call the command 'pulp' instead of pulp-cli.

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