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Melanie Corr mcorr at redhat.com
Mon May 11 12:14:32 UTC 2020

Hi David, all

Just want to give my perspective on this issue [1]

I acknowledge that docs are an essential resource for Pulp users. As
someone who wrote tech docs for nine years, I get the importance of
findable docs. However, one thing that struck me was that the former
Documentation link on the navbar didn't bring the user to docs, but to a
page with a set of versioned docs[2], and from there the user had to click
for the docs site. On the home page of the docs site, the user would have
to click a few more times to get to where they wanted to go. As a user,
especially a new user, that is quite a few clicks.

When I look at the home page, there are links to Pulp 2 or 3 installation
docs, which are clearly labeled, and accessible in one click. When you
click the Plugins heading, you're presented with a list of docs per plugin.
One click and you're in there too.

I quite like the focused user paths on the Foreman site [3]. Again there is
immediate access to docs on the front page, but no 'docs' link. If
community members do not like that approach, we will need to have a
discussion about the best way to guide users through our content.

I would be happy to leave the issue open, or to assign it to me, for a few
weeks until I put more shape to new pages.

TL;DR In my opinion, the surviving links on the Pulp site direct users to
key scenarios in fewer clicks. I am working on building out more content
with clearer user paths.



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