[Pulp-dev] RFC: pulp command line interface

David Davis daviddavis at redhat.com
Mon May 11 17:51:57 UTC 2020

Adding pulp-list to hopefully get user feedback on this.


On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 6:54 AM Matthias Dellweg <mdellweg at redhat.com>

> A first draft of the architecture that should eventually govern the pulp
> cli has been completed [0].
> The feature set is naturally very limited, since we want to autotemplate
> most of this after getting good feedback about the architecture.
> Questions we want to settle at this point are:
>   - Is the command structure comprehensive and useable?
>     'pulp <plugin_name> <resource_class> [--type resource_type] <action>
> <...>'
>     'pulp file repository list' === 'pulp file repository --type File list'
>   - Is the implemented plugin autoloading useful?
>   - Should we put the cli (plugin-)packages in the corresponding pulp
> plugin repos as subpackages?
> [0] https://github.com/mdellweg/pulp-cli
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