[Pulp-dev] Consolidating plugin listing on pulpproject.org for user clarity?

Brian Bouterse bmbouter at redhat.com
Wed May 13 15:37:03 UTC 2020


I'm sending via pulp-dev for more visibility, but I wanted to see what you
think specifically. Recently a user gave us feedback via an issue on Pulp 3
pain points for usage [0]. A lot of it is code and docs, and we're working
to address those, but the last bullet says:

"On the project page you tells that Pulp can manage plainty of repo type,
but in fact if you take a fresh version only few plugins are working. Is
there at least a compatibility/status matrix explaining that?"

There are two issues we identified at the installer meeting. 1) The
homepage claims one set of plugins that are pulp2 compatible but doesn't
clearly state they are for pulp two.2) the pulp3 plugin table is not on the
home page.

What do you think about consolidating the "plugin list" on the homepage and
the pulp3 plugins page into one table with two new columns "Pulp 2
compatible" and "Pulp 3 compatible" with X's or check mark icons in the
cells where that compatibility exists?

What do others think also?

[0]: https://pulp.plan.io/issues/6658

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