[Pulp-dev] Raising the pulpcore requirement for plugins

Matthias Dellweg mdellweg at redhat.com
Tue Nov 3 15:42:10 UTC 2020

When discussing this recently, there was another case we ran into: Suppose
you add a patch to a plugin, that requires an (already merged, but) not yet
released change to pulpcore, then you cannot bump the version requirement
to the next pulpcore version right away. So the result of the discussion
now sounds like this:

1) plugins on their main branch depend on pulpcore only with a lower bound.
The upper bound is only available on the very commit that will be tagged
for the release, and that will adhere to the deprecation policy (as in
2) the pulpcores dependencies lower bound should reflect the actual
requirement at all times. That means the plugin should bump this lower
bound whenever it introduces a change that needs a bump in the pulpcore
  2.1 If the needed pulpcore version is released, pick that one.
  2.2 If the needed pulpcore version is not released (but the change being
merged will land in the next y-Release), require the current development
version of pulpcore (e.g. >=3.8.0.dev)
3) Upon releasing the plugin, do not touch the lower bound of the required
pulpcore version if it is pointing to a released version.
  3.1 If it is pointing to a development version bump it to the
corresponding release (e.g. ">=3.8.0.dev" -> ">=3.8.0")
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