[Pulp-dev] Migrating off Travis

David Davis daviddavis at redhat.com
Fri Nov 13 17:31:11 UTC 2020

A few of us met today to discuss moving the Pulp CI off Travis and onto
Github Actions. I wanted to send out notes[0] and summarize the next steps.

For Sprint 86, we hope to get pulp_npm fully working on Github Actions
which will include getting tests, publishing docs and bindings, releasing,
etc working on Github Actions. This will have the least impact on our users
and other repos. Then we'll move the code from pulp_npm into
plugin_template. After that, we'll start rolling it out to other plugins.

We're also going to look at moving pulp_installer and pulp-fixtures off

Any questions or comments are appreciated.

[0] https://hackmd.io/kJsJCWlHRmiH5BA__M-2dg?edit

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