[Pulp-dev] OSTree Guesstimates of a Basic Implementation

Tanya Tereshchenko ttereshc at redhat.com
Thu Nov 26 18:14:09 UTC 2020

Thanks for the write-up and the guesstimation!

It would be really helpful for me personally to see stakeholder use cases
or to understand if we are trying to cover similar use cases as we had in
Pulp 2.
I believe it's very important for this specific plugin to get the modelling
right right from the start.
The pulp 2 implementation had issues because we started with a basic
implementation and modelling and then were adding more on top preserving
backward compatibility, etc.
Even if we implement just some MVP, I strongly encourage to look at all the
complicated use cases, existing and potential ones, before starting the
For that reason, I'd add at least 2 FTE weeks just for the proper design
planning and discussions.

An example of things to consider:
> As a pulp_ostree user, I can define an OSTree Remote (no extra attributes
Will it work in a mirror mode always? Was the ostree-reset considered? aka
commit order can change or part of the history can be rewritten, similar to
git reset.

Having said that, I understand that we don't have time to do proper
estimation and look more into this right now. Your estimates look good to
me, I'd just add more FTEs for planning.


On Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 10:27 PM Brian Bouterse <bmbouter at redhat.com> wrote:

> I was asked to look to write down a guess of what it would take to
> bootstrap a basic-functionality ostree plugin. I wrote my guesses here:
> https://hackmd.io/KT6AZGMBScuP7z6m9316Tg Basically 7.5 FTE weeks is my
> claim.
> Any feedback is appreciated, either here or on the document. Also it's
> just an estimate; I think we need to be really thoughtful about when the
> right time is to start this plugin. It's up to the developer community and
> stakeholders to determine what (and when) we do next on this.
> All the best,
> Brian
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