[Pulp-dev] 3.7.0 Release Retro Minutes

Brian Bouterse bmbouter at redhat.com
Thu Oct 8 20:16:02 UTC 2020

Below are the minutes that are also from this hack.md:

There are ideas listed under pain points about how to solve each; our goal
is to get each of them into (or identify an existing) ticket as a next step.

# Release Retro

## 3.7.0 Lessons Learned

* Don't try to fix a broken z-stream with a new y-stream
* Always make sure the latest release of pulpcore works
    * drf-spectacular broke 3.6 which made releasing 3.7 impossible
* Plugins should not switch the version of pulpcore compatibility in a
* we should test MANIFEST.in

## 3.6.0 Lessons Learned

* Verify the requirements.txt dependencies (should've pinned
    * We pin dependencies to y-releases assuming they use semver
        * However, drf-spectacular made backward incompatible changes in
0.9.12 -> 0.9.13
    * Maybe we should pin to z-releases?
* semver rules only apply to >= 1.0.0
    * We should pin dependencies that aren't at 1.0 or don't use semver

## Pain Points

* pulp_installer is pinned to the z-stream of pulpcore
    * 3.6.0 to 3.6.3 required 3 installer releases
* The installer has no release documentation
* installer requires pulp-file and pulp-rpm to be released, which prevents
pulpcore from fully releasing
    * installer needs to drop pulp_rpm tests for y-releases
    * pulp-rpm needs to be tested due to
* We release z-streams due to packaging problems undiscovered in our CI
* Creating/setting up a release branch is cumbersome
    * AI: david to file an issue (https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7680)
* Releasing pulpcore also requires you to release pulp_file
    * we no longer do this, so this is resolved
* pulp_installer x pulplift testing
    * we are already moving pulplift to pulp_installer so we can catch
failures earlier
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