[Pulp-dev] Migration plugin meeting notes

Tatiana Tereshchenko ttereshc at redhat.com
Mon Oct 12 16:14:00 UTC 2020

Also available here https://hackmd.io/@pulp/migration_meeting


   running migration on the same machine as pulp 2 production
   - control of resources, how fast migration goes
         - cgroups?
            - one of concerns - shared postgres instance
         - control with the number of pulp3 workers?

   3-month planning prep
   - skip corrupted pulp 2 content (katello)
      https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7538 on the sprint already
      - FIPS https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7536
      - optimization not to create child tasks when not necessary
      - Improve re-migration time
         - speed up no-op re-migration
         - speed up few-changes re-migration

Open PRs

   - https://github.com/pulp/pulp-2to3-migration/pulls
      - ttereshc to follow up withpilp_deb to see where things are

Un-triaged bugs

   - https://pulp.plan.io/projects/migration/issues?query_id=159
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