[Pulp-dev] CLI team meeting notes

David Davis daviddavis at redhat.com
Wed Sep 23 16:39:36 UTC 2020

## Sept 23, 2020

* [david] Finish CLI PoC demo and upload to asciinema
* Send out email to pulp-list about PoC?
    * Include asciinema
    * How to install, use CLI
    * Ask for feedback
    * Contact mcorr first and see what she recommends
* Should we meet regularly?
    * Meet again in two weeks
    * Hopefully have some user feedback
* We need a decision about where to have the cli code
    * it's not urgent.
    * for now, keep using a single repo
* Supporting multiple versions of pulpcore and plugins
    * For now, use conditional statements when needed
* Versioning of the CLI
    * Needs more thought

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