[Pulp-dev] Tasking System Changes and Feedback

Brian Bouterse bmbouter at redhat.com
Fri Apr 2 20:43:00 UTC 2021

FYI, @mdellweg and I have been collaborating on the tasking system changes.
This email is to share some info to transition the work to @mdellweg while
I'm out. With the new-style disabled by default I am hoping it can go into

## The PoC and ticket info

The PoC is basically functional, but it's a PoC:

* The epic is being tracked here which recaps why we're doing this and the
high level approach. The sub-tasks capture the various detailed changes.

* This is totally separate from the RQ workers you use today, and those
will continue to be available for a while.

## Next Steps

* @mdellweg will continue the work and hopefully merge the PoC while I'm out

* Once it's demo-able I've asked @mdellweg to give a 20 minute, public
(hopefully recorded) technical demo. While it is designed to be a drop-in
replacement from a user perspective, we think sharing the internals will be
helpful to get feedback and increase the list of those who understand the

All the best,
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