[Pulp-dev] Community Integration meeting

Grant Gainey ggainey at redhat.com
Tue Apr 13 15:09:27 UTC 2021

Hey folks - quba42 raised some questions around backports and katello
integration and pulpcore and plugins (oh my!), and we had a quick
conference call to discuss.  Below please find minutes therefrom.

This may be something that's useful going forward, and perhaps to more than
just pulp_deb. I've scheduled another for 4-MAY - if anyone is interested,
let me know and I will add you to the invite!

Happy reading,

## 2021-04-13 1000-1030
### Attendees: ggainey, quba42, jsherrill
### Regrets: mbucher

### Agenda:
* Katello's dependency-requirements thought process
* What version of pulpcore goes/will go with which version of katello?
* Do we need to do this meeting regularly?

### Minutes:
* quba42:
    * "What's katello's POV RE integrating w/pulpcore? When/how does
katello decide to update pulpcore?"
    * katello-3.18/pulpcore-3.7 currently - can/would we ever move up from
* jsherrill: upstream katello integration-points stay close to
    * lots of QE work on integration already happened
    * stability highly desirable
* quba42:
    * what if you have to backport something that needs a migration?
        * lots of sad engineering noises followed
    * katello-master: currently on 3.9
        * just updated to 3.11 yesterday
        * what's katello upgrade/update strategy?
* jsherrill:
    * packaging is the biggest time sync for updating reqs
    * packaging process discussion
    * AI: jsherrill to send process-doc-link to quba42
* quba42:
    * who should quba42 work with, to get pulp-deb packaging upgraded?
    * AI: jsherrill to walk quba42 thru process? - No
* discussion about need for future/regular meetings
    * do we even need to?
    * maybe once a month?
    * AI: have one a month from now, re-evaluate at that time

### Action Items:
* AI: jsherrill to send process-doc-link to quba42 (done)
* AI: ggainey to sched 15-min mtg for May (done)
* AI: ggainey to send minutes to pulp-dev@ (done)

Grant Gainey
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat System Management Engineering
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