[Pulp-dev] Pulpcore team meeting

David Davis daviddavis at redhat.com
Tue Apr 27 14:23:31 UTC 2021

# April 27, 2021

## Topics
* Migration issue on galaxy
    * https://github.com/pulp/pulpcore/pull/1174
    * During migration it went out of memory
    * Worries about migration breaking in the future when model(s) change
    * Need better testing around upgrades
* 3.13 - https://pulp.plan.io/versions/188
    * Revisit next week
* Move from `gnupg` to `pretty-bad-protocol`?
  * https://github.com/isislovecruft/python-gnupg
* 3.12.2/3.7.6 to release
    * Investigating another potential issue
* Katello hits this 75% of the time on el8 runs
    *  https://pulp.plan.io/issues/8603
        *  daviddavis will look into it
* Testing the waters on removing RemoteArtifact
    * TL;DR what if we just use "Artifact" + a small table for remote
sources, validated by constraints rather than a separate table schema.
        * Fixes https://pulp.plan.io/issues/8305
        * Simplifies working w/ artifacts
            * can filter Artifact by whether it's on_demand or not
            * update artifacts in-place when files are downloaded
            * delete "RemoteArtifactSaver" stage and
    * I have a prototype that works for sync, should I invest more time in
* Review old quarter open issues
  * https://tinyurl.com/pulpq12021

## Action Items
* [fao89] look at upgrade testing
* [fao89] find timeline for https://pulp.plan.io/issues/8192

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