[Pulp-dev] Warning changing admin password with Pulp 3 container

Bob Fahr bfahr at redhat.com
Fri Apr 30 18:47:10 UTC 2021

I just installed the latest pulp 3 container and I get what I assume is a
Django warning when I follow the steps to change the admin password, is
this something that will cause problems later?

$ podman images
REPOSITORY                     TAG     IMAGE ID      CREATED       SIZE
docker.io/pulp/pulp            latest  1c8638d6edb3  17 hours ago  1.59 GB
registry.redhat.io/rhel6/rhel  latest  0d05d5d1f28d  5 months ago  209 MB
$ podman ps
CONTAINER ID  IMAGE                                 COMMAND    CREATED
    STATUS             PORTS                 NAMES
842f7af03813  docker.io/pulp/pulp:latest                       17 seconds
ago  Up 16 seconds ago>80/tcp  pulp
841bdc3ba34d  registry.redhat.io/rhel6/rhel:latest  /bin/bash  23 hours ago
   Up 21 hours ago                          rhel6dev
$ podman exec -it pulp bash -c 'pulpcore-manager reset-admin-password'
pulp [None]: pulpcore.app.serializers.base:WARNING: Please provide either
'view_name' or 'view_name_pattern' for DetailRelatedField on
Please enter new password for user "admin":
Please enter new password for user "admin" again:
Successfully set password for "admin" user.


Bob Fahr

Principal Software Engineer, CEE Insights

Red Hat <https://www.redhat.com/>

bfahr at redhat.com    T: 256-217-0125
M: 501-733-2516
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