[Pulp-dev] Pulp Installers Team Meeting Minutes 2021-08-11

Mike DePaulo mikedep333 at redhat.com
Wed Aug 11 15:26:24 UTC 2021

## Aug 11 Agenda
* db key fixes
    * Almost complete set of requirements, to be written up a bug / epic:
    * Mike will write an epic for the auth token key (main issue currently:
different on each pulp-api node)
    * fao89 testing the slurp module, useful for both
* post-release issue on galaxy
    * https://pypi.org/project/semantic-version/
    * de-coupling pulp_installer z-stream from pulpcore z-stream would also
fix it
        * Agreed: We will land the de-coupling within the 3.15.z release
stream, rather than at 3.16.0.
    * Mike will work on this (new convention, and getting release out the
door) if build team / AH team are not OK with waiting for the de-coupling.

In [1]: import semantic_version

In [2]: semantic_version.Version("3.14.0") >
   ...: )
Out[2]: True

In [3]: semantic_version.Version("3.14.0") <
Out[3]: False

In [4]: semantic_version.Version("3.14.0") >
Out[4]: True

In [5]: semantic_version.Version("3.14.0") > semantic_version.Version("
ValueError                                Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-6-24cbe611d9e3> in <module>
----> 1 semantic_version.Version("3.14.0") > semantic_version.Version("

in __init__(self, version_string, major, minor, patch, prerelease, build,
    104         if has_text:
--> 105             major, minor, patch, prerelease, build =
self.parse(version_string, partial)
    106         else:
    107             # Convenience: allow to omit prerelease/build.

in parse(cls, version_string, partial, coerce)
    309         match = version_re.match(version_string)
    310         if not match:
--> 311             raise ValueError('Invalid version string: %r' %
    313         major, minor, patch, prerelease, build = match.groups()

ValueError: Invalid version string: '3.14.0.post'



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