[Pulp-dev] CLI-Meeting minutes

Matthias Dellweg mdellweg at redhat.com
Wed Feb 3 15:11:22 UTC 2021

## Feb 3, 2021

* open PR's - https://github.com/pulp/pulp-cli/pulls
* Command Structure
    * Do we want interspersed arguments (e.g. lookup parameters before the
action to perform) (Our current technology should allow both)
        * **examples**
        `pulp <settings> file repository -t file --name foo show`
        `pulp <settings> file repository -t file --name foo update --name
bar --description "renamed"`
        `pulp <settings> file repository -t file --href
p/a/v3/repositories/file/file/<uuid>/ version --number 2 show`
        * **pros:**
            * this means the name-or-href lookup question will be handled
in one place for each resource type
            * the "same" option can be used for different purposes (lookup
vs. payload)
            * commands for a repository and it's versions start the same way
        * **cons:**
            * It can be confusing to know where an option needs to go
                * Would it be possible for help screens to show all missing
options and where they go?
                * For example, if I run `pulp file repository show --help`
it can show me `--name` and btwn `repository` and `show`
    * collect all parameters at the end (all but settings and type)
        * **examples**
        `pulp <settings> file repository -t file show --name foo`
        `pulp <settings> file repository -t file update --name foo
--description "cannot be renamed"`
        `pulp <settings> file repository -t file update --name foo
--new-name bar --description "renamed"`
        `pulp <settings> file repository -t file repository version show
--repository-href p/a/v3/repositories/file/file/<uuid>/ --number 2`
        * **pros:**
            * may be more intuitive
            * consistent with pulp-admin (pulp 2) and hammer
        * **cons:**
            * renaming things will become harder this way
                * What does it mean to change the 'natural key' (eg,
'name') of an entity?
    * AI: Choose Option 2, send email to list describing what we're doing
and why and ask for feedback, revisit in a month
* pulp-cli project on redmine - archive?
    * Issues will not be accessible
    * AI: daviddavis to archive, fix changelog links to not-point to plan.io
* 0.3.0 release
    * AI: daviddavis to release this week or next
* gettext
    * AI: x9c4 Yes please! at least get us into _() land
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