[Pulp-dev] Pulp2: 2.21.5 Release incoming

Grant Gainey ggainey at redhat.com
Wed Jan 13 12:57:11 UTC 2021

Hello folks,

We have a number of Pulp2 bugs that have been fixed, that we would like to
get into a formal release. To that end, I'm proposing the following dates:

dev-freeze: *Thu 14-JAN*
beta (rpms available): *Mon 18-JAN*
GA: *Mon 25-JAN*

Release page is here:


You can see the list of proposed issues here:


I will be the release-nanny for 2.21.5.  If you have questions or
counter-proposals, you can reach me at *ggainey at redhat.com
<ggainey at redhat.com>* or via IRC, *ggainey *in* #pulp *or* #pulp-dev *on
* Freenode*. I am in Raleigh's timezone (GMT-4)


Grant Gainey
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat System Management Engineering
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