[Pulp-dev] Pulp Installers team meeting minutes 2021-05-27 & 2021-06-03

Mike DePaulo mikedep333 at redhat.com
Thu Jun 3 14:50:28 UTC 2021

## Jun 03 Agenda
* [mikedep333] I don't think we should specify the pulpcore-selinux version
in the release script
    * The installer never installs the master branch anyway.
    * We'll need the fixes of the latest pulpcore-selinux version in the
pulp master branch.
    * It's good to have the fixes in the changelog when we bump it via a
pulp_installer PR.
    * Alternatives could include having it track a branch for devel
installs, and specify the version at release time.
        * We'll need separate selinux policies for pulpcore stable release
branches eventually.

## May 27 Agenda
* Is fao89 the primary pulp_installer maintainer still, or is mikedep333 it
    * [agreed] mikedep333 will step up
* ansible 4.0.0 is out!
    * read more about the changes later
    * continue to support the last 2, or possibly last 3, versions of
* [RPM signing service script PR from months ago](
    * Agreed: mike to rebase. If it doesn't work, either fix it, or hand it
    * Also, pulpcore-manager command can install it. (rather than the shell)
* Operator nodeports
    * https://pulp.plan.io/issues/8833
* Not doing a pulp_installer release for each micro release
    * This is similar to the original plan for the installer to revolve
around minor release of pulpcore & of plugins.
        * Original discussion:
            * [mikedep333's proposal](
            * [bmbouter's couter-proposal to do micro-versioned releases](
            * [mikedep333's agreement/details for micro-versioned releases](
        * Lack of CI on branches (or at least I don't see it.)
            * This is partially mitigated currently by doing releases.
            * Common breakage we catch is that python package needs to be
pinned for pulp to actually install (e.g., pip)
        * Implementation would include:
            * `pulpcore_update` variable (false for idempotency)
* I'm noticing lots of instances where we update code/docs in some places,
but not in the other places. (molecule tests, GHA workflows, especially)
* FIPS runners disabled from PR due to GHA runners being blocked, still
running on nightly
    * https://github.com/pulp/pulp_installer/pull/632
    * agreed: This was part of the plan all along. (If the FIPS tests take
up too much time, we'll disable them at PR time.)


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