[Pulp-dev] Breaking change (for plugin writers) announcement

Daniel Alley dalley at redhat.com
Thu Mar 4 20:49:24 UTC 2021


1. Plugins compatible with 3.11 should *not* declare compatibility with 3.12
2. Review the PR for your plugin below [0] and include it in your 3.12
plugin compatibility release

(PR review doesn't need to happen now, just in the next few weeks)

*3.12 Plugin API Breaking Changes*

In Pulpcore 3.12, which the release *after* the upcoming 3.11 release, we
will be making a breaking change to Pulpcore which will require some
intervention by plugin writers. This does not follow the deprecation
policy; we tried very hard to look at other options, but after a lot of
discussion this is the least disruptive approach.

All plugins currently released should set their compatibility ceiling at
<3.12, and all plugin releases after the change will need to set their
compatibility floor to >= 3.12.

*What you need to do:*

Ensure your 3.11 compatibility releases don't declare compatibility with
3.12. Many plugins, including File, Container, Certguard, and Ansible
already have a support ceiling set for 3.12 (or before). Other plugins such
as RPM, Debian, Maven, don't have a support ceiling set. These should be
added to pre-3.12-compatible releases.

Then, for your 3.12 plugin compatibility releases, review the PR for your
plugin below [0].

Please feel free to reach out to me over email or IRC if you would like
assistance with anything I've just discussed.

[0] PRs:


Pulp File

Pulp RPM

Pulp NPM

Pulp Container

Pulp Ansible

Pulp Python

Pulp Debian

Pulp Maven and the 2to3 migration plugin

   - No patches necessary

Pulp Gem and Pulp Cookbook, and any other plugins not listed:

   - I didn't make PRs, but I'd be happy to help anyone who does so
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