[Pulp-dev] Pulp Installers Meeting Minutes 2021-09-15

Mike DePaulo mikedep333 at redhat.com
Wed Sep 15 15:50:59 UTC 2021

## Sept 15 Agenda
* Minor release support
    * https://github.com/pulp/pulp_installer/pull/762
    * Packages scenarios in molecule now require that a `pulpcore_version`
be set for the scenario
    * Upgrade scenario needs to do more
    * [Proposals for multiple updates in 1 molecule test](
* High Availability
    * what we need?
        * Create multi-container molecule test case
            * Replaces dynamic
        * installer support for identical token auth keys
        * address other issues discovered along the way
        * document integration with load balancers, etc.
* Possible CI/molecule performance improvements
    * Look into why simple tasks run as root do not go extremely fast
compared to other ansible uses (overhead per task)
    * Review settings in ansible.cfg
    * Look into performance optimizations for docker connection
    * Eliminate unnecessary operations like lint from being run multiple
    * Remove the idempotency check from the longest running test
* Review last pulpcon notes - https://hackmd.io/cQf2zUKlR2G4_Vqb3rwP8g
    * done: merge pulplift into pulp_installer
    * not done:
        * Docker based vagrant box
            * partially done on migration box
        * Ubuntu support
    * we may need to explain the *not done* during pulpcon 2021 panel


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