[Pulp-dev] Pulp Installers Team Meeting Minutes 2021-09-22

Mike DePaulo mikedep333 at redhat.com
Wed Sep 22 15:55:26 UTC 2021

## Sept 22 Agenda
* Lint warnings during PR reviews
    * Indentation
    * Lack of file permissions (when using copy module, etc)
* The single meta service.
    * [mikedep333] Very happy about this!
* Code paths for old versions
    * Yes, we can drop 3.13. Since packages are on 3.14 now.
* Need to release 3.15.2-2
    * issues with 3.15.2+1
* Should minor release land on 3.16.0 or on 3.15.x?
    * Yes, branch 3.15 right before we merge
* Versions of bugfix installer releases
    * [agreed] z-stream not tied to pulp_installer z-stream release. Like
pulp_installer 3.16.1 installs pulpcore 3.16.z.
    * We need to communicate this somehow?
        * Blog post?
        * Announcement on discourse?
        * [agreed] One or the other, possibly both.
* multi-container molecule test case
    * Looks like molecule "platforms" ties to [ansible hosts / groups](
which is for nodes running a particular service.
* Possible CI/molecule performance improvements
    * Publish a pulp_common image. When we modify a role other than
pulp_common, we just pull this image.


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