[Pulp-list] How about we just merge these core features into Cobbler?

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Fri Sep 12 20:03:58 UTC 2008

>> It seems there are two topics here, of which I am most interested in 
>> the second
>> (A)  Making a new web app, possibly to be included with and/or 
>> replace parts of Spacewalk
>> (B)  Adding some repo management features that Cobbler can't do yet 
>> ... whether that be in cobbler or otherwise
> Breaking it down this away upon further examination doesn't make sense 
> to me. A is saying the new web app will possibly be included with or 
> replace parts of Spacewalk essentially means it will be included with 
> or replace parts of cobbler because cobbler is being added to spacewalk. 

TBD.   CobblerWeb isn't part of spacewalk presently, so it depends if it 
can do all that CobblerWeb can do.   If it can, it can replace that, if 
it can't, CobblerWeb will still exist and not be leveeraged by Spacewalk

> I prefer to think about this in terms of user problems to solve, not 
> project names / code bases / backends vs. UI.

This is definitely an implementation discussion, Pulp does not have an 
implementation, I'm offering up a place to start.

> ~m

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