[Pulp-list] How about we just merge these core features into Cobbler?

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 20:46:20 UTC 2008

What I want in a nutshell.. if this would help the conversation any.

           RHN   UpsRepo1  UpsRepo2 ... UpsRepoN
            |       |         |            |
            |       |         |            |
            |       |       SubRepo        |
            |       |         |            |
            |       |         |            |
             |             |          |         |
         DevelRPMS    IntgRPMS    ProdRPMS   GraveYard

Basically I want to have a tool that I can pull RPMS from various
repos, snapshot those repos, take subset of some repo and make a smaller
repo, and then feed those snapshots to different trees.

So RHN, EPEL, Spacewalk, DogTag get pulled into the repo, EPEL gets cut
down to the packages I want servers to get to. Then those snapshots are
marked as 'development' and tested. After that I mark those ready for
integration and those systems can see them, etc etc. This allows me to
control what packages my servers see, and when they can see them.

Currently the way I would need to do this is a combination of cobbler,
mrepo and a lot of hand-holding. I want a webfront-end/CLI to browse
through the repos, mark which ones I want ok'd to the next stage, and be
able to push it.

The channels that the systems see are controlled by spacewalk, the
building by cobbler and the repositories by something voltronic in

Now I am going to shut up since while I was typing this 16 emails have come in.

Stephen J Smoogen. -- BSD/GNU/Linux
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