[Pulp-list] auth model changes pushed

Mike McCune mmccune at redhat.com
Tue Nov 16 23:35:21 UTC 2010

I'm still going todo active development in the auth-model branch in git 
but I did a merge and push to master so I don't get do divergent.

The unit tests all pass and CLI seems to function fine, changes 
shouldn't effect any of the existing code but now that I've said that 
I'm probably doomed.

Further updates to the auth work can be found here:


reminder that the above URL is: 
http://www.mikesfreegifs.com/main4/underconstruction/constrct.gif and 
will be firming up over the course of tomorrow.

Mike McCune
mmccune AT redhat.com
Red Hat Engineering       | Portland, OR
Systems Management        | 650.254.4248

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