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Re: [Pulp-list] Limiting the bandwidth for a repository sync

On 04/01/2011 07:25 AM, John Matthews wrote:
We have added the ability to limit the bandwidth consumed by a repository sync.
This can be specified at a global level through pulp.conf, or adjusted on a per sync basis through the CLI/WebService calls.

Below is a summary, more information is available at: https://fedorahosted.org/pulp/wiki/RepoSync/LimitBandwidth

threads: 15
# Uncomment below to set a bandwidth limit in KB/sec for downloading
# 0 represents unlimited
# limit_in_KB: 500

   `--limit` and `--threads` have been added to the CLI for `repo sync`.
   $ sudo pulp-admin repo sync --id sync_test --limit 20 --threads 1 -F

  'limit' and 'threads' are 2 optional parameters added to  `/repositories/<repository id>/sync/`

The value specified for `limit` is on a per thread basis.

very cool, will try this out.

Mike McCune
mmccune AT redhat.com
Red Hat Engineering       | Portland, OR
Systems Management        | 650.254.4248

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