[Pulp-list] AssertionError when binding

Lukas Zapletal lzap+fed at redhat.com
Mon Aug 29 12:58:37 UTC 2011


I have installed clean pulp on f14:

[root at dea ~]# rpm -q pulp
[root at dea ~]# rpm -q pulp-consumer

I registered a consumer, but when I try to bind a repo I get this error:

[root at dea ~]# pulp-consumer consumer bind --repoid 
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/bin/pulp-consumer", line 37, in <module>
   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pulp/client/lib/cli.py", line 
151, in main
     command = self.setup(self.args)
   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pulp/client/consumer/cli.py", 
line 77, in setup
     if not bundle.getid():
line 43, in getid
     if self.valid():
   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pulp/common/bundle.py", line 
126, in valid
     s = self.read()
   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pulp/common/bundle.py", line 
140, in read

My hostname is "dea", but I have "localhost" both in my certificate and 
in my consumer.conf, so this should be fine.

I am going to try once again, now with the playpen/setup.sh. Here is 
more info about my setup:

[root at dea ~]# hostname

[root at dea ~]# pulp-admin repo list
        List of Available Repositories

Id                 	1314617091528-repo_85605-ACME_Corporation
Name               	repo_85605
Feed URL           	http://lzap.fedorapeople.org/fakerepos/zoo/
Feed Type          	remote
Content Type       	yum
Feed Certs         	CA:No   Cert:No
Consumer Certs     	CA:No   Cert:No
Architecture       	noarch
Sync Schedule      	None
Packages           	8
Files              	0
Distributions      	None
Publish            	True
Clones             	[]
Groups             	['product:1314617091528', 'env:1', 'org:1']
Filters            	[]
Notes              	None

[root at dea ~]# openssl x509 -text -in /etc/pki/pulp/ca.crt | grep Subject:
         Subject: CN=localhost

[root at dea ~]# cat /etc/pulp/pulp.conf | grep -v '^#' | sed '/^$/d'
server_name: localhost
relative_url: /pulp/repos
key_url: /pulp/gpg
ks_url: /pulp/ks
default_login: admin
default_password: admin
url:        tcp://dea:5672
cacert:     /etc/pki/qpid/ca/ca.crt
clientcert: /etc/pki/qpid/client/client.pem
send_enabled: false
recv_enabled: false
cacert:  /etc/pki/pulp/ca.crt
cakey:   /etc/pki/pulp/ca.key
user_cert_expiration: 7
consumer_cert_expiration: 3650
oauth_key: katello
oauth_secret: ObTlVUVfRjKxY0n7uqMzSNEy
audit_events: false
events_file: /var/log/pulp/events.log
lifetime:    90
backups:     4
lifetime: 180
config: /etc/pulp/logging/basic.cfg
threads: 15
remove_old_packages: false
num_old_pkgs_keep: 2
content_url: https://cdn.redhat.com/
use_entitlement_certs = false
default_to_published: true
name: pulp_database
seeds: dea
sync_timeout = 10:7200

[root at dea ~]# cat /etc/pulp/consumer/consumer.conf | grep -v '^#' | sed 
host = localhost
port = 443
scheme = https
path = /pulp/api
interval = 240
reboot_schedule = 3
import_gpg_keys = False
repo_file = /etc/yum.repos.d/pulp.repo
mirror_list_dir = /etc/yum.repos.d
gpg_keys_dir = /etc/pki/pulp-gpg-keys
cert_dir = /etc/pki/pulp/client/repo
scheme = tcp
port = 5672
cacert =
clientcert =
baseurl = https://dea/pulp/repos
keyurl = http://dea/pulp/gpg
ksurl = http://dea/pulp/ks
plugin_dirs = /usr/lib/pulp/consumer/plugins

   Lukas "lzap" Zapletal

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