[Pulp-list] Pulp and mongodb

Lukas Zapletal lzap+fed at redhat.com
Fri Jul 1 08:31:25 UTC 2011


using pulp on my laptop and it seems it does not like MondoDB 1.8. 
Unfortunately I am not able to update Gnome Shell thank to js-mongodb 
dependency :-(

Is there any plan moving towards 1.8 for Fedora 15?


Skipped (dependency problems):
  firefox                   i686           5.0-2.fc15 
                 updates                    17 M
  gjs                       i686           0.7.14-6.fc15 
                 updates                   173 k
  gnome-shell               i686           3.0.2-4.fc15 
                 updates                   712 k
  js                        i686           1:1.8.5-6.fc15 
                 updates                   2.1 M
  libmongodb                i686           1.8.0-3.fc15 
                 updates                   481 k
  mongodb                   i686           1.8.0-3.fc15 
                 updates                    12 M
  mongodb-server            i686           1.8.0-3.fc15 
                 updates                   2.5 M
  xulrunner                 i686           5.0-2.fc15 
                 updates                   9.5 M

   Lukas "lzap" Zapletal

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